Seth Says

Seth Says is set to revolutionise practical training in education through AI-driven interactive personas. 


SethCo AI personas enable learners to engage in realistic conversations and practice essential soft skills in a controlled environment, crucial for sectors like community services, business and hospitality.

Real time feedback

The use of AI makes training cost and time-effective by eliminating the need for regular one-on-one time with educators- it can be accessed 24/7 by learners. This enhances learning through immediate feedback and adaptive responses, promoting continuous improvement in communication and problem-solving skills.

Real-time feedback is crucial for developing essential soft skills such as communication, empathy, and decision-making. This immediate feedback allows learners to adjust their approaches in real time, closely mirroring real-world scenarios and improving educational outcomes.

Flexible, accessible and secure

Our integration methods allow learners from regional and remote areas to access quality training. The text to speech function supports learners with English as a second language and learners with language and literacy support needs.

The platform design supports easy customisation to meet specific educational needs, ensuring relevance across various learning environments.

Relevant, customised and responsive

Traditional tools rely on static, scripted interactions. This is not your average chat-bot or classroom roleplay. Seth Says uses artificial intelligence and curates it, constraining it to specialised knowledge banks, hosted by bespoke characters that align to course and learning outcomes fostering dynamic, responsive communication with learners.


Watch an excerpt from our RPL Persona in action

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