Seth Knows

Seth Knows is set to revolutionise knowledge training and student support in education through AI-driven interactive tutors.

Seth Knows enables learners to engage in realistic conversations about topics within their course materials to assist them in understanding content they are experiencing trouble with.

Real time support

The use of AI makes student support cost and time-effective by eliminating the need for one-on-one meetings, personalised emails and frequent questions to educators, and unlike educators, it can be accessed 24/7 by learners. This enhances learning through immediate guidance and adaptive responses, allowing learners to ask questions in their own words, ask what terminology means and ask for more information on a particular topic.

Real-time support plays a large role in maintaining student engagement, whilst controlling the quality of content the student is receiving, in contrast to a generic GPT platform.

Flexible, accessible and secure

Our integration methods allow learners from regional and remote areas to access quality support, and it doesn’t care about time zones. The text to speech function supports learners with English as a second language and learners with language and literacy support needs.

The platform’s design supports easy customisation to meet specific educational needs, ensuring relevance across various learning environments, and can support discussions around content, assessment or even policies when customised.

The platform emphasises data security, not storing personal data but using session IDs for interactions documented against individual tenant URLs, aligning with global privacy standards. And best of all, you can get a record of what learners are asking, so you can adapt your course materials and facilitation as part of your continuous improvement processes.

Relevant, customised and responsive

Traditional tools rely on trainer intervention. This is not your average chat-bot based on frequently asked questions. Seth Knows uses artificial intelligence and curates it, constraining it to specialised knowledge banks, hosted by bespoke characters that align to course and learning outcomes fostering dynamic, responsive communication with learners, keeping them on topic.

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