Safe, ethical, contained:

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Our solutions are designed with the specific sensitivities and contained requirements of educational institutions and communities in mind.

Bespoke AI personas and knowledge banks

SethCo AI uses Large Language Model (LLM) capability enhanced with purpose-built and closed-circuit technology to provide Seth Knows and Seth Says.

Our suite of knowledge banks and characters have been developed by experts in their fields.

Across K-12, TAFE and Higher Education sectors, our solutions are driven to solve common inefficiencies, innovate and enhance best practice and learner outcomes.

An award-winning team under the hood

SethCo AI is the brainchild of the creative team at Pop Education.

We have been designing and developing courseware in the elearning digital space for many years. We know elearning and we know how learners learn. 

Safe, ethical and contained AI co-pilots

Seth Says

Custom personas

Practice interviewing AI individuals with unique and specific stories and needs, customised to your use-case.

Seth knows

Knowledge banks

Interrogate documents with a patient, inexhaustible, totally contained conversational AI tutor.

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